Marilyn Hoff Hansen
Relief Sculptures in light weight, durable cast stone

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Eve Calling Her Horses 20x30 cast stone EveCatchingHerHorses Leaping Bull 16x20  cast stone Moon Horses 18x30 cast stone
Eve Calling Her Horses Eve Catching Her Horses Leaping Bull 16x20 cast stone.jpg Moon Horses 18x30 cast stone.jpg
Pulling Team Whippetts Winged Horse 30x20 cast stone Winter Pasture 20x30 cadt stone
Pulling Team.jpg Whippetts.jpg Winged Horse 30x20 cast stone.jpg Winter Pasture 20x30 cadt stone.jpg
fire horses-1_edited-1 grandmother_edited-1 idahospudfield_edited-1 juliewithcello-final_edited-1
fire horses-1_edited-1.jpg grandmother_edited-1.jpg idahospudfield_edited-1.jpg juliewithcello-final_edited-1.jpg
recliningnude_edited-1 sixhorses_edited-1 womancontemplatinghertoeclay_edited-1  
recliningnude_edited-1.jpg sixhorses_edited-1.jpg womancontemplatinghertoeclay_edited-1.jpg